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DeltaChem is a manufacturer of a broad range of Specialty Fertilizers. With production sites in Münster (DE), Born (NL) and Almeria (ES) we serve the global Agricultural and Horticultural markets with dedicated fertilizer products. All our production sites are suited with in-house laboratory and R&D facilities, which enables us to rapidly develop and introduce new, innovative and above all efficient fertilizer solutions to our clients.

Our team of experts assist our global client base with technical and agronomical advice in order to establish efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizing practices for farmers and growers, resulting in healthy crops and maximum yields.

Our fertilizers – Growlutions for you!

With the ever-changing climate conditions in the world, we believe fertilizer practices are rapidly becoming a matter of customization. Using the right product based on climate conditions, soil types and many other important factors, is key. DeltaChem is a manufacturer of a broad range of specialty fertilizers, including Bio-Stimulants and Inhibitors. We focus on providing efficiency enhanced solutions to our customers as well as natural products help to reduce chemical inputs and by that take care for our soils.

Technological innovation

With our Innovation Center at our headquarter in Münster, we develop innovative and environmentally friendly fertilizers that support our customers in future climate challenges and environmental changes. Being a manufacturer with R&D capabilities enables us to customize products and bring them to market rapidly. With all our fertilizers, our focus is to develop highly efficient and environmentally friendly products based on natural ingredients.


Ecology and regional origin contribute to environmental and climate protection in agriculture. Innovative active substances lead to even more efficient soil, groundwater and climate protection in agriculture and horticulture. We can provide the entire range of mineral and natural raw material-based fertilizers. With the complete range of our fertilizers, our focus is on offering efficiency-enhancing solutions – fertilizing according to your needs.

Global Team

Our team consists of experienced colleagues from different areas of the agricultural and horticultural sector. We are globally networked and our offices are represented worldwide.

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