Who we are

The DeltaChem Innovation Center is located in Münster (Germany). Our team consists of agronomists, chemists and ecophysiologists. We work closely with renowned public and private research institutions. Our team members are involved in various public-private partnership projects. We always seek open and scientific dialogue with our academic partners around the globe. Our expertise covers all aspects of specialty fertilizers and their application to crops. The Innovation Centre has development laboratories, pilot plants for test production in our plant trial center with greenhouses and field trial areas for plant tests.

Product development and plant testing

The aim of the Innovation Centre is to develop highly efficient and environmentally friendly products based on natural ingredients. The creation of new fertilizer-biostimulant combinations in the laboratory and in the pilot plant is the first step in product development. The prototypes are then tested on different plant species under greenhouse and field conditions. Our current research focuses on biostimulants, organic fertilizers and active ingredients to increase the efficiency of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. Only the most efficient and safe formulations are finally produced and made available to our customers. Specialty fertilizers are more than just nutrients. The right combination of nutrients with active ingredients, such as nitrification inhibitors or bioactive substances, increases the efficiency of fertilizers for the user and helps to produce safe food.