Controlled release fertilizers:

How does DeltaCote work?
  • Coated fertilizers with unique patented process

Granules are coated with a novel polymer coating based on organic materials that degrades naturally in time.

The granule attracts water and it penetrates the coating.

The nutrients dissolve in water to form a concentrated nutrient solution and are released to the soil by diffusion controlled by a steady-state equilibrium governed by temperature.

  • Product longevity from 3 to 18 months at soil temperature 21°.
Soil Temperature
15 °21 °30 °
Longevity in months (approximately)432

Product longevity is influenced solely by the soil temperature

  • Coated fertilizers with a nutrient release of 3-18 months: fewer applications (‘feed and forget’)
  • Steady supply of plant nutrients according to crop-demand-induced temperature and humidity
  • Minimised nutrient losses
  • Even growth: no peaks in growth and stronger, more compact stems and branches
  • Strong root system: crop explores entire soil volume, higher resistance to wear


Fully polymer coated controlled release fertilizers:

  • Longevity from 3-18 months
  • Excellent value
  • Versatile use:
    • fertilizer blending (coated urea e.g.)
    • planting hole fertilization for young plantations (forestry, fruits, etc.)
    • basic application for oilpalm, nursery and ornamentals e.g.
    • substrates
  • Complete range:

  Longevity at 21°CNP2O5K2OMgOBCuFeMnZnMo
DeltaCote®control15-09-15+2MgO+TE3 Months1591520,030,0160,390,090,050,028
DeltaCote®control15-09-14+2MgO+TE6 Months1591420,020,0160,390,090,050,027
DeltaCote®control15-08-14+2MgO+TE9 Months1581420,020,0160,370,090,050,027
DeltaCote®control14-09-14+2MgO+TE12 Months1491420,020,0160,370,090,050,027
DeltaCote®control14-13-136 Months141313
DeltaCote®control13-14-139 Months131413
DeltaCote®control43-0-03 Months43
DeltaCote®control42-0-06 Months42
DeltaCote®controlNPK*3 - 18 Months
* various NPK ratio+ MgO+ TE are available


Partly polymer coated controlled release fertilizers:

  • Longevity from 3-9 months
  • Instant start-up effect and slow release effect thanks to coated granules
  • ‘Feed and forget’ (one application) in field crops like vegetables, fruits, grapes, citrus, olive, oil palm, etc.
  • Excellent value
  • Complete range:
  Longevity at 21°CNP2O5K2OMgOBCuFeMnZnMo
DeltaCote®agri15-10-15+2MgO+TE3 Months15101520,020,01
DeltaCote®agri20-7-11+2MgO3 Months207112