Enhancers – DeltaChem
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What is DeltaLent technology?

Most Nitrogen losses occur when negatively charged nitrate N-NO3– is leached into the ground water.

  • DeltaLent and it´s Nitrification inhibitor delays the nitrification (Oxidation of ammonium (NH4+) to nitrate (NO3-)). Hence, it reduces Nitrogen loss and results in a more efficient N-nutrition regarding yield and quality.
  • Stabilized ammonium nitrogen: reduced nitrogen losses and more nitrogen available to the plant
  • Less nitrate accumulation in plants
  • Improved crop quality due to partial ammonium nutrition


N-stabilized ready to use solution for drip and furrow fertigation and slurry:

Depending on the temperature, the soil moisture, and the soil conditions, nitrogen usually converts to nitrate rapidly. The addition of DeltaLent active to liquid fertilizers, soluble salts or slurry delays this conversion significantly.
DeltaLent active inhibits the activity of the nitrosomonas-bacteria and stabilizes ammonia in the soil. As a result, ammonium nitrogen is available to the plants for significantly longer, as ammonia is not leached (unlike nitrate).

  • Nitrogen losses are reduced, more nitrogen available to the plant
  • Easy to use additive to mix with all current fertigation products (UAN, liquid fertilizers, soluble salts)
  • Suitable for slurry additive to enhance the nutritional value of the slurry
  • Even distribution due to liquid formulation