• Dust free and free flowing products due to innovative microgranular formulation
  • Single nutrients and combis available
  • All nutrients contained in every microgranule due to spray dried production technology
  • Effectively prevent and cure micronutrient deficiencies, ensuring and increasing the yield and quality of your crops
  • Sodium free and highest possible solubility due to use of K-EDTA instead of Na-EDTA


Single micronutrient fertilizers for horticultural and agricutural crops:

  • Different technologies for different requirements
DeltaMicro® ironFe-EDDHA6
DeltaMicro® ironFe-EDTA13
DeltaMicro® zincZn-EDTA15
  • Guaranteed analysis
  • User friendly and flexible packaging sizes
    (1 kg and 25 kg)


Combi micronutrient compound/ microgranular fertilizers for horticultural crops to prevent and cure micronutrient deficiencies:

  • Different formulas available

DeltaMicro® combi 1EDTA4,00,73,23,81,40,051,0
DeltaMicro® combi ZnEDTA3,01,02,06,01,00,052,0
DeltaMicro® combi MgEDTA4,01,02,52,51,80,056,1
* Metallic micronutrients fully chelated by EDTA

  • Guaranteed analysis
  • User friendly and flexible packaging sizes
    (1kg and 25 kg)
  • Instant and guaranteed response